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REPSCRUBS® annual membership fee of $99.00 allows you access to all REPSCRUBS® affiliated hospitals and a private web page to manage your account. REPSCRUBS® pricing is as follows: RepScrubs Long Sleeve Scrub sets $7.95, Coveralls $6.95, and Lab Coats $3.95. (All pricing is subject to local and state sales tax). Please be aware that some hospitals in your region may elect to set their own pricing and will notify vendors of their price schedule. Thank you.

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The REPSCRUBS® program is a prepaid balance model. In order to access REPSCRUBS® from any SCRUBPORT® your membership account must have funds. Please provide a credit card for processing of the registration fee and to fund your initial prepaid balance. The credit card information will be kept on file in order to replenish your account when the prepaid balance runs low. You can choose to have the system automatically replenish your account when your balance drops below $20.00. This feature will ensure you will always have access to REPSCRUBS®. If you do not choose this option you will always have the ability to mannually replenish your balance from the membership settings page.


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